Winter wine offer 2021

We're almost at the shortest day already, which means about 6 months to Christmas, but fortunately only a couple of months until the weather starts warming up again. Just a little unfortunate that I have to get the pruning done in the cold bit. Still, it could be worse - the vineyard could be in Central Otago.

We have recently had a stand at the Wellington Food Show where we miscalculated the thirst (and good taste) of those in the capital, and sold out of our entire stock over the three days. That includes the extra 5 dozen begged from our distributor on the first night because the Syrah had been cleaned out on day one. Apologies to those of you who missed out, but we have to take it as a big vote of confidence in the wines.

Next stop is the Seriously Good Food Show in Tauranga on June 26 and 27. We'll have some Seriously Good Wine to match. And we'll try not to run out.

To keep you going over the depths of winter we have a few new releases and a couple of golden oldies at 15% off our normal website pricing. Starting with the last remaining stock of the 2020 Rose (the 2021 won't be bottled until September - along with the Albarino) and the just released 2019 Merlot/Franc and 2020 Syrah. Both 2019 and 2020 were exceptionally good vintages and the wines reflect that, with ripe flavours, deep colour and soft tannins. Also on offer are the hedonistic 2019 Basket Press Merlot/Franc and the powerful 2019 Basket Press Syrah. It's harder than choosing a favourite child...

We have also managed (with a bit of  huffing and puffing and Anglo-Saxon invective)
to load the 1.5L magnums of the two Basket Press wines onto the site if you want to really impress at your mid-winter Christmas dinner. Don't forget to use the promo code 15%OFF at checkout to get the winter deal, or just use this link Offer ends 23/06/2021.

And keep on scanning - herd immunity is still a wee way off.

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