Autumn 2021

After 12 months of pandemic pandemonium and the emergence of way too many Covidiots (especially in positions of power and influence around the world), we've now got earthquakes and tsunamis to contend with. Godzone, of course, finally had reason to be thankful for being an isolated little bunch of islands in the middle of nowhere, but Mother Nature just had to point out that we were not going to get off that lightly. So not just one, but three decent shakes later, we're all hanging out for a brandy to calm the nerves. 

As well as battling an invisible virus and walking a tectonic tightrope, young New Zealanders (and the not so young silver gypsies) are missing out on the opportunity to sip Rose in Provence, taste Bordeaux in Roman caves under St Emilion, savour Syrah on a terraced vineyard in the Rhone Valley, try Chianti under the Tuscan sun or enjoy Albarino with seafood paella after walking the Camino in Spain. So we'll have to adjust and declaim knowledgably about the Hikurangi Subduction Zone while making our own gastronomic history, with excellent wines from stunning wine regions in our still very desirable corner of the globe (not sure how you can have a corner on a globe, but let's just run with that one). So settle in with a bottle of Redmetal and enjoy what we've got. The rest of the planet is rightly envious.

Although we have long since sold out of Albarino (expect the next one around August / September), we have a new vintage of Basket Press Syrah as well as a new Basket Press Merlot/Franc just released, both from the outstanding 2019 vintage. We are now getting down towards the last of the satisfyingly juicy 2018 Merlot/Franc and there is still time to sip the dry and very moreish 2020 Rose in Parnell or Plimmerton (if not Provence) before summer begins to wane. You can also savour the soft and succulent 2019 Syrah all year long with summer barbeques and winter slow roasts. Some truly great vintages amongst this lot and we'll give you 10% off until March 19th plus free freight on a dozen or more bottles. Just use the promo code 10%LESS when you order at

We're gearing up for what may be the earliest harvest we have seen in Hawkes Bay in 25 years of winemaking here. Wish us luck with the weather.

Stay safe and keep scanning. Don't want to end up like the rest of them.

Grant & Sue

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