Our Vineyard

Redmetal Vineyards began in 1991 with the planting of a north facing 8 hectare block of prime viticultural land in the Bridge Pa Triangle sub-region of Hawkes Bay.

This is a part of New Zealand renowned for it's agricultural excellence.  The vineyard is on the old bed of the Ngaruroro River with free-draining river gravels (locally known as red metals) being the crucial factor in making high quality wine.

The Bridge Pa Triangle is situated at latitude 39⁰ south, about the same distance from the equator as Madrid in the northern hemisphere. We don’t get their temperature extremes, but concentrated fruit flavours are produced by a long, slow ripening season.

Our vineyard is on the south western edge of the Heretaunga Plains, 10 minutes drive from the bustling metropolis of Hastings.

It is far enough inland to miss the coastal sea breeze and is protected from the prevailing westerly weather by the Ruahine mountain range. The climate here is unusually dry, with regular droughts and high sunshine hours providing textbook conditions for grape growing.